Get A Wii For $50, Possibly Free

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Over at, they’re apparently giving subscribers a free year of Gamefly or a free Nintendo Wii if you manage to get five of your pals to sign up and pay for the service. Over at The Last Boss, reader Mark wrote in to mention an easy way to get your hands on a Wii for $50. He went and told each of his friends about the deal and gave them $10 each to sign up for the service. They all did and six weeks later, Mark had a brand new Nintendo Wii for $50 total.

Now in theory, your friends should be cool enough with you that they’ll do it for free so they can enjoy your newly-earned Nintendo Wii as well. But hey, just like when banks offer you $25 for each friend you refer, sometimes you have to shell out some bucks to your buddies. Oh, and his friends all canceled their subscriptions after Mark got his Wii. Smart choice. Head on over to if you’re trying to get some free Nintendo hardware or tons of free game rentals.


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