Things Sure Are Quiet At MySpace News

When the largest site on the Internet announced their new MySpace News service, people expected it to get at least some traction, quickly. But a month later, as former TechCrunch writer Marshall Kirkpatrick noted in Twitter today, the site appears to be nothing more than a ghost town.

News items on MySpace News are gathered automatically by the service and placed into one of 25 categories. Items are then ranked via user voting, similar to Digg.

But the front page of MySpace news shows most stories with zero votes. Two stories have a single vote. None have more than that. Perusing through the various categories shows the same thing – page after page of stories with no votes or other evidence that anyone is visiting the site.

MySpace PR isn’t commenting, but I do note that MySpace news, which is still in beta, is not linked from the MySpace home page or otherwise being promoted.When will MySpace begin promoting it? They can’t be getting much in the way of valuable beta feedback since no one is using it. For now, the site is DOA.