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m-metrics.jpgWhile customer service may offer “Prensa dos para el español,” research firm M:Metrics is finding that English-speaking Hispanics could be the audience advertisers desire most. Their recent findings suggest that 70.9 percent of English-speaking Hispanics use some form of mobile content in the United States, compared to the market average of 47.9 percent.

Hispanic cell phone users, says M:Metrics, also skew much younger than the average user, notably among the coveted 18-34 age group, which actually comprises more than 51.5 percent of the total Hispanic mobile population. In comparison, the 18-34 age group only accounts for 31 percent of the entire U.S. mobile population. Possibly for this reason Hispanic users show a higher propensity than average to play games, with 35 percent playing mobile games in March, and this pattern shows users engaged in other mobile activities, notably ringtone purchases, photo messaging and even trading of mobile video.


  • http://connectbeam.com/ Hutch Carpenter

    This is a good point about the growth of multiple channels inside the enterprise. Wikis, blogs, microsblogging, forums, video apps, etc. The irony of enterprise 2.0 is that while it breaks down organizational silos, it creates a whole new set of information silos. WordPress doesn’t talk to Confluence doesn’t talk to Yammer doesn’t talk to…

    Tie the stream of data from these apps together, and you get three benefits:

    1. Better information reach through search, serendipity and filters
    2. A dynamic skills database, with updates in real-time as people do work
    3. Strengthen and diversify of employees’ social networks, improving decision making

    If you’re interested, we cover this a bit more deeply at the Connectbeam blog: http://bit.ly/Oh9h


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    Good stuff guys–thanks for letting me know!

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