CoCo: Clip Your Way to a Thinner Nose


Hey, big-nose. Yah, you with the beak. I noticed you in the crowd there. It wasn’t your clothes or your mullet, it was your huge honkin’ honker. That thing’s out of control, man. You should do something about that.

No, no. Don’t get all weird about plastic surgery. That costs a fortune. You need a CoCo. Yah, a CoCo. It’s a nose clip made to sculpt your schnoz into a respectable shape.

It’s high-tech, man. Look, I know it looks like a pair of bicycle brakes, but it’s not. There’s real science behind this, honest. You can have Cleopatra’s nose. I think it’s what this means, anyway.

And it’s only $7.50. That’s one tenth of one percent of what a real nose job would cost. I’m saving you money here, pal. Now, do you want the pink or the blue?

CoCo insane Korean Nose Gadget [Texyt, via Boing Boing]