TV Timer: For Moms who Hate Their Kids


Dear Mums:

As Mother’s Day approaches, we’ve been on your side here on CrunchGear. We’ve saddled our readers with contests aimed at winning prizes for you, their mothers. They could have been a little more responsive, but maybe it’s not them? Maybe it’s you?

Did you happen to outfit their televisions with one of these nasty TV timers? Did you set it to turn off the television right in the middle of Knight Rider? Did you deny your sons and daughters furious MacGuyver action? It’s might be that because of your own actions, moms, that you’re getting a card and a hug for Mother’s Day.

Sure, you were trying to protect them. But TV is their friend. It’s their playmate, imaginary brother-in-arms, caretaker when you leave the room. You even use a PIN to protect the timer if you leave the room. Thus, when the timer goes off, and the television powers down, you’re leaving them alone twice then. So it’s on you.

Oh, one of you is getting a Zune, and a couple more iPod Nanos, but that’s just because you’re lucky. Had more entered, your odds would decline. But there’s a good chance you didn’t win at all, and you could have avoided it.

Trust your kids, moms, and trust TV.


Matt at crunchgear dot com

TV Timer [via Shiny Shiny]