Rough Ridin' Mac Mini for Mighty Mac Daddies


We tried to come up with reasons why you’d need to ruggedize a Mac Mini, but we came up with none. Really, a MacBook Pro and a nice bag should be good enough, but apparently some people want to take their diminutive Macs on the road. And there is a case for them. Here it is, enjoy.

It’s actually cool, from a technical standpoint. It’s made for military use, and includes aircraft-grade aluminum and other tough-guy stuff. If you’re a gangsta rappa outfitting your Hummer with an in-truck game and entertainment system, then sure, this is for you. Or if you’re outfitting your nuke bunker to make sure you’ve got Front Row after the nuclear holocaust, go nuts. Or mabybe you’re just macho? Or live in an earthquack-prone area? Why would you want a ruggedized Mac Mini? Surely there’s something we’re not thinking of.

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