Moscow Getting WiFi Coin-Box Phones

An interesting little tidbit of information here. Comstar UTS and Moscow’s City Telephone Network will be teaming up to deliver 200 WiFi-enabled coin-box telephones throughout the city. These phones will be placed in subways, airports, hotels, and other public places. Each phone will allow customers to pay via coins, pre-paid cards, sms-authorization, and MGTS phone cards.

Apparently, you’ll even be able to use these new phones to connect to a WiFi network using your laptop. Sounds like a good deal to me. Now when the hell is Verizon going to replace the piece of crap down the block from me with some WiFi-enabled crazy payphone? Probably never. Gotta love the US telecoms.

Comstar UTS and MGTS launch Wi-Fi coin-box telephones [RF Design]