Alltel Prepping Itself for Dinner?


Alltel, you know, that other cellphone carrier, is now proactively positioning itself for a sale, according to Phone Scoop’s Ouija board. Three private equity groups are looking at snapping up the small-but-important carrier. No larger networks have shown interest, which isn’t that odd. As the Big Four (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) have coast-to-coast networks of their own, buying up an overlapping provider doesn’t make any sense. Also, Alltel’s subscriber base really isn’t big enough to justify a merging acquisition.

This is all likely good news for Alltel’s subscribers. The carrier is known for innovative plans and features, usually introducing pricing and services months before the larger groups. T-Mobile’s “Fave Five” is a good example. Alltel had a calling ring-style unlimited group months before.

If the bidding doesn’t get to hot, expect to hear some soft of announcement within the next month and a half, but don’t expect any major ripples in the cellphone world.

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