Widescreen Outdoor Theater: Black and White and Hot All Over

Yes! This is exactly what I need. A giant inflatable screen with an Optoma projector. It will be excellent for entertaining all of those friends that I don’t have when I hold pool parties in my backyard pool that doesn’t exist. Oh I can practically smell the carnage now.

Anyway, if you have one of these things you might very well be able to make some friends simply by saying you have a huge effing TV in your backyard. They might even comply to BYOB rules. Maybe, but probably not (baby steps, young one). Just be sure to have on-hand movies that are more entertaining than “Free Willy” (which is, coincidentally, Vince’s favorite film — he cries every time).

It comes in sizes of 12 and 8-feet for prices ranging from $2500 to $3000. And of course, I found this on Uncrate.

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