Singing Protest Songs, Users Paste HD DVD Encryption Key Everywhere


Wow, OK, don’t mess with nerds (’cause they’re real brave as long as they’re behind their keyboards, you see.) This whole HD DVD encryption thing has now jumped the shark, with respected newspapers now reporting on the so-called Digg riots of 2007.

In celebration of this shark jumping, here’s a sampling of some of the more creative ways that folks have implemented the line of hex. Because, really, they’re fighting for civil rights just as Rosa Parks did.


Go ahead, link the removal of illegal material to a terrorist attack. That’ll play well in Peoria.


And how fitting: link the key to history’s biggest fraud, el Senñor Guevara.

There’s so many more fun Photoshops over at Wired.

Photoshop Rebels Rip Great HD DVD Clampdown [Wired]