Hackers to Hack Vista at Black Hat Conference

I feel like I’ve been writing about hacks and flaws all day…oh wait, that’s because I have been. Maybe I shouldn’t have watched Hackers last night, but Angelina Jolie is so hot. Dino might be claiming that Vista is more secure than Mac OS, but I think a Polish pair of security researchers have something to say about that.

Black Hat will be running a two day course titled “Understanding Stealth Malware” at the end of July. The Polish hacker duo of Joanna Rutkowska and Alex Tereshkin will be showing students new rootkits and ways to breakdown Vista’s highly touted drive encryption software, BitLocker. If you’re a serious hacker than you should be there for this as long as you have $3,000 laying around.

Vista hacks to be demoed at Black Hat conference [TG Daily]