Adobe Flaws Could Wreak Havoc on Your Rig

Adobe Photoshop owners should be aware that there are a handful of flaws that could make your PC vulnerable to hackers. One such flaw is known to attack CS2, CS3 and Elements 5.x when users open distorted PNG graphic files. The flaw was discovered in a stack-based buffer overflow bug in a Photoshop Format Plugin involved in handling PNG files and was discovered by white hat hacker Marsu. The same hacker also discovered a buffer overflow vulnerability in CS2 and CS3 that affects the handling of Bitmap files.

Users are being warned by Adobe to steer clear of unknown PNG or Bitmap files until a security patch is released. If you don’t adhere to this warning then your PC is at risk of arbitrary code being executed. Just tell your boss you can’t do any work because you don’t want to unleash a nasty virus onto the network. It could work.

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