iSkins' Urbany, Outdoorsy iPod Clothing Accessories


With summertime right around the corner, I’m sure all you active people will be wanting to enjoy the outside (bloggers have no such luxury), iPod included. iPod accessory maker iSkins has three new Urbany ways to integrate your iPod (or cellphone or whatever) with your wardrobe.

The first is the Grooverider, which, apparently, brings you “into the supernatural world of entertainment.” I guess that means tap dancing ghosts. The fabric of the shirt itself is used to control the iPod. Mein Gott, that is spooky!


Next up is the cleverly named iShirt. It has a “hole” cut into it where you “put” your iPod for easier “use.” It also covers your torso.


Lastly is the SportHolster. You drape it around your shoulders and stuff it with iPods, cellphones, etc. You kinda look like a silly goose, but you always did, so nobody will know the difference.

Product Page (Eventually) [iSkins]