45 More Reasons To Play With Your Wii This Summer

nintendo-wii.jpgAlready bored with your Wii games? Afraid you might actually have to go outside this summer? Fear not, your pasty-white skin is safe from the sun. Nintendo worldwide president Satoru Iwata announced today that 45 new Wii titles will be ready for purchase in the second quarter of 2007. And then there’s the online gaming!

Pokemon Battle Revolution and Mario Strikers Charged are the first two titles kicking off the launch of the Wii’s online gaming platform this summer. (Who doesn’t love Pokemon and Mario, right? Maybe Nintendo can launch new Metroid or Zelda online titles to beat those franchises closer to death as well.)

With Nintendo finally boosting production of the console you might actually get your hands on a Wii this summer and be able to play more with it, too.

UPDATE: Just straightening “my” facts a bit with this piece from an IGN story. Seems not all the games will see a summer release or hit the shelves at all:

The president clarified that he’s not sure if all these games will necessarily see release. However, the number does include some of the big Wii games that are set for release between the end of summer and fall, including Super Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros. Iwata hinted that these are real gamer games, rather than the casual stuff that we’re seeing a lot of on the DS.

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