Adult Swim+Zune=Another CG Invite Lost in the Mail

I really don’t know what’s going on with the local Post Office, but they’ve been misplacing our invitations left and right. The CrunchGear crew missed out on last night’s Cartoon Network party at the Chelsea Museum. I, personally, cried myself to sleep. The special edition Zune, limited to 500, would have been sweet and we totally would have given it away to one of our lucky readers. Luckily, for you guys, Cesar hooked us up with a Pink Zune so we’ve got you covered.

Advertisers were invited to peep the upcoming Adult Swim content last night and most would expect it to be on a jumbotron, but they were wrong. They had to watch it on a 3-inch screen! Sara Ball, Microsoft rep, says, “It really works for the content, so it makes sense to display the content on this platform.” Yeah, OK, whatever you say. Just so you feel left out, too, the special edition Zune is now a blue-ish gray color. Hopefully, for the sake of Zune fanboys, this new color hits the market soon.

Cartoon Network Partners With Zune For Alternative Up-Front [Marketing Daily]