Fixya: Fixya Junk

How do we get tech support? Well, you can RTFM or call the help-line. That usually results in a 25% chance of fixing the problem. Then you can do a search, find a forum mentioning your problem, post (“HEY GUYZ MY IPOD BROKED SCREEN WHATTF? HELP!!!!”) or pay a fee at Experts Exchange, a site that seems to have an answer to every question but is so hard to navigate that you eventually stop going back.

Now, however, we have Fixya. This site features real-time posts about different devices and, apparently, services, and solutions that are penned by folks who have solved those problems. There are also manual scans and troubleshooting guides but a brief perusal led me to discover that it is currently more of a forum than anything else with some actually helpful advice interspersed with “Take it to the shop, doofus.” Not the best site we’ve seen in a while, but it could add to your gadget repair arsenal.