Multi-Purpose 16th Century Gadget Watch

powderflaskwatch.jpgRegular readers of CrunchGear will know that I’m all about convergence, the idea that one device can really be more. It was a major theme at the end of the 90s, the idea being that we’d watch TV on our computers and visa versa, something we’re just now beginning to explore. Currently, we’re seeing lots of gadgets that have sub uses. But it’s not new. Indeed, this pocket watch from 1590 is more than a timepiece.

Besides telling time the old-fashioned way, it tells time the really old-fashioned way, with a sundial. Not really sure why a watch needs a sundial, but there you have it. It also works as a powder flask (for legal substances) and has a built-in compass. We like multitasking.

It’s made of wood and bone and is about the diameter of a CD, meaning it’s perfect for a renaissance-age Flava Flav.

Awesome Watch [Watchismo, via Boing Boing]