Transmission 0.71 Released – Key Issues Fixed

Mac OS X users have always gotten a bit of a shaft on decent Bit Torrent clients. There’s always Azureus, but it’s cluttered, slow, and a resource hog. And until the recent release of Bit Rocket, there wasn’t much else: except for Transmission. In the past, Transmission has been banned on almost every private Bit Torrent tracker on the net. Why’s that? Transmission used to keep announcing to trackers non-stop, causing the overall torrent tracker to slow down, sort of like a DoS attack.

But with the release of version 0.71, Transmission is back in the game. One of the more popular private music trackers today announced that Transmission had been taken off its “banned” list of torrent clients and would now be allowed for use on the site. If you’re not a fan of Azureus destroying your CPU or hate some of the bugs that Bit Rocket still has, check out Transmission and enjoy the pleasant UI and low CPU-usage.

Official Site [Transmission]