PS3 Interest Creeps Up A Bit, But Wii Still King


Fanbois live on the Internet, so it makes sense to gauge the interest level of the three video game consoles by tracking related searches. The big conclusion from a UK racking firm suggests that while interest — as measured by the number of searches on retailers like Amazon — searches for PS3 have increased 127 percent since the system’s European launch, the Wii and Xbox 360 are still he most in-demand. The Xbox 360 comes out with a 250 percent search increase, while the Wii’s is 579 percent. Doing a little math, that means that the Wii is more than 4.5 times as awesome as the PS3. Go ahead, accuse me of being biased.

Really, though, who would’ve thought that the Wii would be “winning” so handily at this point in the war? Guess there’s more casual gamers out there than we cared to recognize.

PS3 Interest Up But Still Lagging Behind [Next Generation]