Pelican PS3 Cooler: Just As Fugly As The PS3

I can’t say that I’m surprised the PS3 is getting a cooling system. The size alone warrants one to think that it needs gobs of cooling-down power since we all know it’s the best gaming console on the market. Blu-Ray playback does, in fact, heat up the PS3 so there is reason enough to merit such an accessory. The design of the fan is on par with the PS3 so it makes it look even more like a BBQ grill. Pelican’s cooling system fits snug with the disk drive, boasts a temperature drop of 15 degrees and runs on its own AC power. The Air Flo Cooler is available in black and silver and retails for $29.95.

Pelican Air Flow Cooler for PlayStation 3 [via Giz]