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After a long winter hiatus, I’m pleased to announce that TechCrunch will be re-launching in the UK. We are aiming for a June 1 September re-launch.

We do need your support to get re-energized. There are three ways you can help:

  1. We’re in the market for a great Editor, TechCrunch UK. Please see our job description on CrunchBoard.
  2. We want new ideas and new angles. Please share your thoughts about what we can do to make TechCrunch UK valuable to you so we re-launch with the right focus and the right coverage of subjects you want to discuss on the blog.
  3. We want to hear about your startup! At our core, TechCrunch is about profiling new Internet products and connecting great entrepreneurs together. If you’re a new European-based start-up, please reach out and tell us about yourself.

Also, TechCrunch has announced its first ever conference, TechCrunch20, to be held in San Francisco, 17-18 September. We’re looking to showcase twenty of the hottest new startups, and we’re anxious to make sure we have great representation from the UK and Europe in our line up. Please submit your company for consideration.

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  • Mike Butcher

    Good luck to TechCrunch UK and all who sail in her. Meanwhile, will be continuing to cover the industry in the UK and the significant stories in Europe.

  • Chris

    Good news, the UK startup scene needs it.

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  • Michael Ossareh

    Good to have you back. It is very much needed on this side of the pond.

  • Conor O'Neill

    Looking forward to it Mike. Hope it keeps up the tradition of covering those of us across the Irish sea too.

  • Jacob Wyke

    Great news, cant wait till June now!

  • Jay Adair

    Glad to hear it Mike, all the best finding direction and staff. I’ve missed TCUK.

  • Pat Phelan

    Really looking forward to it Mike, I can only reiterate Conor’s thoughts above on your cover of the incredibly hot Irish scene.

  • Joe Anderson

    Wahey! Let’s try to keep the previous style, if possible, though over TCUS’.

  • Franck Perrier

    Super. Looking forward to it.

  • From Manchester To

    Hmm what actually happend? did you loosed the previous editor

  • Marcelo in London

    Long live TCUK. Timing couldn’t be better.

  • James-A

    That’s great. Looking forward to it.

  • Liz

    Great, new startups are suffering in the UK. I am part of a newish startup company and we are going to go all techy soon too.

  • blundstone

    any updates to today’s relaunch?

  • Vero

    *watches the tumbleweed roll by*

    I really genuinely hope TechCrunch UK comes back to life soon.

  • Rob

    Bring it back!

  • TuxRacer

    Will the UK site cover the startup activity in all Europe or just UK?

  • gadget

    Well this isn’t a great start, is it? The central idea here is a strong noe that would fill a gap in the market, and as such I would have some professional interest in it. However, it concerns me that the “re-launch” can be 12 days late (and counting) without even a note to explain what’s going on.

    This does not bode well for the future.

  • Spence

    Be great when this gets up and running, doesnt look like a whole lot is happening at the moment, and the job description has been taken down?

  • blundstone

    well, at least an update would be nice i think..

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