Apple Releases iQuiz iPod Game On The Cheap

So you’ve got a 5G iPod, you’re bored, and only have the change buried deep within your sofa? No fear! Apple has a remedy for your boredom and it comes in the form of a 99 cent iPod game called iQuiz. To top it all off, iQuiz isn’t just a game, it’s a collection of four mini-games that include entertainment trivia, music quizzes, and pop culture puzzles.

But even after the ridiculously cheap price and bundle of included games, iQuiz gets even better. According to Apple, you can keep your fun fresh by offering your own custom trivia packs and downloading additional ones made by your friends. All this fun for 99 cents instead of the standard $4.99? Consider me iNterested.

Apple releases 99-cent iQuiz iPod game [iLounge]