Police Raid Polish University Over P2P

Piracy is on the rise at colleges and universities around the world, but one school in Poland must have taken it too far. On Wednesday, Police raided Koszalin University of Technology due to the massive amount of pirating going on. What they found was far beyond a kid’s homemade server. The feds seized a PC running DC++ hub software, 10 laptops, and 60 hard drives, which contained over 35,000GB (you read that correctly, sir) of media available for students to download.

Three students who had administrative access to the servers were taken into custody and will most likely have several charges brought against them. The report says students were using DirectConnect P2P software to share tons of movies, music, and software. I know plenty of people who have gotten busted on campus for file-sharing, so if you’re pirating quite a bit at your school and you’re using DirectConnect, may we suggest quitting for a while? It might just save your ass.

Please note: we went through this entire post without one Polish joke. Thank you.

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