International, Jet-setting Playboy? Use Flyclear

For those of us who fly frequently, we know that going through the security checkpoints over and over is a pain in the ass and a huge hassle for geeks due to our abundance of electronics on hand. Well if you’ve got $100 a year to shell out and are ready to pay a $28 one-time fee, try Flyclear for a change. This clear, credit-cardesque device allows you to speed through airport security without having to go through all the normal hassles.

If you’re interested and want to obtain one, you should know a few things first. You can register online and you’ll need two valid forms of ID like a birth certificate or driver’s license. After that, you go to a local enrollment center where you get the passport treatment. You know, photos, fingerprints, the whole nine yards. After that, you’re good to go and flying will be much easier for you. This is pretty much a business traveler’s dream.

Official Website [via The Giz]