Diablo PC: Ugly and Powerful, but Mostly Ugly


Not to be outdone by the garish showboating of Alienware, Smooth Creations (so smooth!) has debuted its Diablo PC line of gaming PCs. We’re not sure if there’s an actual name for the color of this thing, but ColorPicker’s closest match was “vomited banana and tequilla shooter”. The beast does have the goods under the hood, it’s a full-fledged gaming machine that could go head to head with the other guys, but that’s not the whole story. Smooth is selling this thing as a package, including a metric assload of peripherals, like a 5.1 Dolby surround speaker set, a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse, up to a 30-inch Samsung LCD, and an iPod, all painted to match your choice of color scheme, like Diablo Orange here. All of it. Everything.

The themes range from skulls to clowns to fantasy girls with dragons. If you’ve got $5-10k to spend on a gaming PC, and have the refined taste of a just-paroled Carny at a DollarTree, then we’ve got the PC for you.

Diablo PC [Product Page, via Coolest Gadgets]