NAB 2007: Biggest Darn TV I Ever Did See


The scale here is hard to judge, as Mitsubishi hung this monster about 15 feet in the air, but this is a literal 16:9 TV: it’s 16 feet wide by 9 feet tall. Ok, not really, it’s actually a slight bit larger, but it is 1080p. And you might be thinking this is a giant LCD, but it’s not: it’s using LED technology, like the next-gen laptop displays we’ve been covering. This makes the scree incredibly bright, even in the overhead and ambient life of the Las Vegas Convention Center. When you come around the corner, your eyes are drawn to it.

What’s more, this jumbo HD monitor’s not made for your living room, but your football stadium. Mitsu plans on selling these 8-inch wides to the arena of your favorite sports team, and the picture and motion is great. Next time the Seahawks get robbed of the championship from the zebras, everyone will be able to watch the replay (for the record, he was so totally in bounds).