The Future Of The 6G iPod

Those kooky dudes over at CNet have drank a few magical Kool-Aids and are now predicting the future of the 6G iPod. Among the new features predicted? Try a 100GB hard drive (very possibly), a widescreen display (very possible), UK movies downloads (possible), and WiFi for downloading movies and music over the air.

Hmmm, that last one seems a bit far-fetched considering there’s no way to distribute tunes to the iPod wirelessly via iTunes, but to each his own.

Another big and ultimately realistic topic is the decision to offer an unlimited downloading service for a flat monthly fee. This rumor has been chased after for months now, so perhaps with the next incarnation of the iPod, we’ll see subscriptions come to fruition. There’s also mention of a flash memory-based iPod video, but I doubt that’ll happen during 2007. Some people like to dream, others like to do. CNet just loves them some predictin’!

The sixfold Apple rumour round-up [Crave UK]