Raises Massive $25 Million Series A Round, a social network for reconnecting with old friends and family, just grabbed a huge $25 million round of funding from Oak Investment Partners to join their original $1.4 million in angel financing (Richard Rosenblatt was one angel). The service is kind of like, but for branded as a way to reconnect with anyone you haven’t seen in a while.

Reunion makes it easy to register your data into the system through a registration process that just requires a full name, birth date, and email address. Once you register you can continue on to a free profile or get a premium account ($3.34/one month, $60/year). The free account gives you the standard social networking profile features (photos, blog, …), while the premium account throws in some extra snooping features. Premium accounts allow you to see who’s searching for you, viewed your profile, Send email to other members, get 5 public-records reports, and set up a class reunion.

One can wonder how a service like this could charge in the face of network behemoths Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace, but Reunion makes it easy to collect basic data that can be used to lure other users into the network, and searches through a lot of personal data points.

Their strategy seems to be around getting as many people as possible to add their basic info into the database and then luring other users into the network by telling them how many people might be searching for them (15 for Nick Gonzalez). It’s kind of like a huge internet Rolodex, the more people that buy in, the more useful it gets. They’ve also got an Outlook plugin and can search your email account for possible connections.

According to the company, the site has attracted 28 million users and is adding nearly one million new members each month. They draw almost 8 million unique visitors conducting 60 million searches for people monthly.