Fitness By CrunchGear 2007

Summer is around the corner and, although it may not look like it outside, you might soon want to walk on the beach with your shirt off and not have Greenpeace try to roll you back into the surf. That’s why CG is running a full set of fitness features — round-ups, advice, and great tech tips — to help you prepare for warmer weather.

Let’s face it. The CG crew consists of a bunch of overweight, pasty dudes who blog in their pajamas. What right do we have to tell you how to get and stay fit this Spring? Luckily, we enrolled the help of a few fairly fit people and, since I’m running a marathon in June feel compelled to tell you what does and doesn’t work before you hit mile 10 with a broken iPod in your pocket.

Read on and let’s all lose a few, feel better, and let the summer sun glint off of our oiled, muscled biceps. Whoa… did I just type that?