Desktop Tower Defense Should Be Banned

Desktop Tower Defense illustrates that you don’t need fancy graphics or big budgets to build highly addictive online games. In Desktop Tower Defence, all of the main graphics are hand drawn.

I first discovered this on Jeremy Zawodny’s blog, where he warned “The lack of posting here in the second half of this week (especially to my linkblog) has been a direct result of attempting to beat this highly addictive game. Whatever you do, please DO NOT click the link and start playing that game. You may find yourself in the very same time warp that I did…”

So of course I clicked on the link and have been “testing” the game ever since. It’s free and Flash based, and very simple. Bad guys come at you in a highly predictable way. You build defenses that take them out. If any get through, you lose a life. I’ve gotten to level 72. Can’t get past it.

Until this, Kdice was my addictive online game of choice. Now, I have them both open in separate browser tabs.

If you do get hooked, and want some advice on how to get up into the higher levels, watch this YouTube video.