Atree UJ10 Portable Media Player: Yet Another Quality Korea-Only Toy


Over in the mythical land of Korea, Atree’s got a rather suave-looking portable media player—the UJ10—that lets its design do the talking. That’s because the feature set is fairly basic: it plays the big audio formats like MP3; MPEG-4 and WMV9 videos; JPEGs and other picture formats; FM radio and DMB-TV. That last one means that it’s Korea-only. Boo.

The 2.2-inch screen is encased by a strong-looking bezel and can be viewed in either a landscape or portrait mode. Overall, it looks like a candybar cellphone, one that I wouldn’t mind using.

At least we’ve still got the ultra-cool Zune here in America…

Product Page [Atree via]