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Toshiba Unveils Inexpensive Notebook With Expensive Features

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Toshiba has its ups and downs with notebooks, but the Satellite A135-S4527 looks
like a pretty solid deal overall. Expected to hit retail stores this week for under $800 total, the A135 comes with some impressive features like a dual-core 1.73GHz Intel Core Duo T2060 CPU, 1GB of RAM (bravo Toshiba!), DVD burner, 120GB hard disk, and Vista Home Premium to boot.

Yes, all this for under $800. How is Toshiba pulling it off? I suppose it might have something to do with an illegal arms deal, but who knows? Either way, those of you looking for a feature-rich, budget laptop should probably check this one out upon its release. Looks very promising.

(EDIT: Here’s a full review of a similar A135, though it sells for $899.)

Toshiba ships sub-$800 dual-core, DVD-R notebook [Electronista]

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