Hackers Said To Increasingly Target Gamers For Their Lunch Money


OK, gamers, now it’s your turn to have your lives turned upside down by hackers. Now that today’s video game consoles are pretty much always connected to the Internet, highly paid analysts are predicting that hackers will increasingly target the systems to cause damage or mischief. Right now, there’s a growing number of hacks aimed at stealing user names and passwords of online characters. I don’t want to imagine a world where WoW kids have their lives taken away from them. They’re better off in the basement.

Frankly, this seems like a case of “the sky is falling.” I remember back in my DreamCast days kids would regularly PK (player kill) my character in PSO. Gaming and hacking go together like, uh, things that go well together. Tell me when credit card information is stolen en masse and then I’ll be concerned. And no, that Xbox Live thing from earlier in the week doesn’t count.

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