EMI's First DRM-free Release: The Good, The Bad & The Queen

gbq.JPEGYay! The first EMI album to be offered for download free of copy protection, or digital rights management (DRM), is now available. “The Good, The Bad & The Queen” can be downloaded in the “new format,” aka 320Kbps MP3s, directly from the band’s Website. Apple’s iTunes Music Store also has a “Live from SoHo EP” with five tracks recorded, um, live in Apple’s SoHo New York store.

Yes, EMI, the home of mega-popular band Coldplay, has decided to wade into the unrestricted-use waters with a Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz) side project. Bold move EMI!

Sorry, as someone who still buys CDs and has been a subscriber to eMusic since 2000 where the music has always been free of DRM, I just don’t care about this “breakthrough” from EMI/Apple. But hey, I’m happy if you’re happy.

EMI releases its first album without copy protection [guardian unlimited]