Ikea Prefab Housing: The Instruction Manual is Four Pages Long

While I’m not sure if they’re including a hex key and cheap screws with these houses, it’s an idea whose time has come. Looking around right now I notice almost 90% of our furniture is from Ikea and, if given the land mass, I’d build and install one of these BoKlok housing cubes in a second.

Unfortunately, you don’t pick these up out in Elizabeth, New Jersey and install them on top of your co-op. Instead, Ikea is selling these custom apartments for about $200,000 in the UK. The homes are almost completely pre-fabricated and each block gets an apple tree — something the whole block can take care of, apparently.

Want one? Enter the UK Ikea lottery. The houses are meant for folks making $30,000 to $60,000 and there’s no word on U.S. availability. Bummer.

Welcome to Ikeatown [Guardian via BoingBoing