Google Desktop Now Available For Mac

Google has released a beta of its Google Desktop application for Mac OS X. The application—which is a Universal Binary—indexes users’ hard drives, including fun stuff like e-mails, PDFs, apps and other files. If this sounds similar to Apple’s own Spotlight search technology, that’s because they both do essentially the same thing. Google Desktop had been available for the PC since 2005.

Mac users have a bunch of these hard drive indexing programs to choose from. You can stick to using the built-in Spotlight, or you can try out the likes of Quicksilver and Butler. (Or, better still, you can just keep your files organized from the get-go, eliminating the need for all these “where did I put that MP3?” programs entirely.) But thank you, Google, for not leaving out the Mac community when developing your breathtaking apps.

Google Desktop [Google via MacNN]