PC World's 50 Best Tech Products Of All Time

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Incredibly awesome magazine PC World has come out with a Top 50 Best Tech Products of All Time list and boy is it full of nostalgia. Classics include 3dfx Voodoo3 at #16, the Motorola StarTAC at #8, Tetris at #10, and Napster at #4. The most recent item on the list is Blizzard’s World of Warcraft at #27, followed by the Canon EOS Digital Rebel at #44.

So who took the #1 spot? Was it Mac OS X? Perhaps the Nintendo Game Boy? Far from both, it’s actually Netscape Navigator. Yeah, that’s right. The 1994-browser you used back in school to visit LexisNexis reigns king over all gadgets and software. True, Netscape was the first mainstream browser to do it all, but the #1 spot on the 50 Best Tech Products of All Time? Psh. Way to blow it PC World.

50 Best Tech Products Of All Time [PC World]

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