Swiss Bikeboard For Those That Like Going Down Fast

Didn’t get enough time on the slopes this winter and still feel the need to go downhill at breakneck speeds? Well the Swiss are one step ahead of you. Behold the Bikeboard!

The original Swiss Bikeboard — a cross between a scooter and a snowboard — was developed for use on snow (check the picture after the jump), but the makers designed it so the boards can be easily switched out for other attachments. Well those attachments are coming in May for street, offroad, and water.

Here are the details on the attachments:

Bikeboard Offroad: Set up with off-road wheels both in front and back, the Bikeboard Offroad is designed for rugged terrain. Features a combined steering and suspension system and equipped with double disk brakes on the rear wheels to adjust speed the same way as with mountain biking.

Bikeboard Street – Bikeboard Street is for flat surfaces and has a patented suspension system to give it easy maneuverability. All the moves on snow are achievable on the street. Features a quick release system so you can easily exchange the street wheels with the off road wheels and transport is made easy with a quick release handlebar.

Bikeboard Water – To the novice, Bikeboard Water offers an easy start compared to the traditional start on water skis — the pulling force is exerted on the Bikeboard frame and not the skier. To the advanced skier or wake boarder the Bikeboard Water offers expert maneuverability on the water. As with snow, the ability to steer with handlebars increases the ability to create jumps and spins.

This kinda fun doesn’t come cheaply, unfortunately. The Bikeboard is no toy and will set you back $978 and the attachments will be $599 each. Check out more details and images of the attachments in action at the company’s Website.