Dude Discovers WoW Girlfriend Is A Dude

Sometimes dealing with a relationship can be tough. Poor John Harrison, who is a 20-year-old college sophomore, found out recently that his in-game World of Warcraft “girlfriend” was actually a 27-year-old who lives at home with his parents and works used to work at Burger King. For months, John was truly in love with an elf known as Chelxai whom he met through his guild. After Chelxai was “fired from Hooters”, John knew he had to step-up to the plate and support his love. A devastated Harrison has issued this statement:

“I just think this whole fake girl thing was messed up. I’m getting away from Warcraft and focusing on my dancing for now. I’d just like to thank my new cyber-girlfriend, Rasuka, for helping me through this difficult time.”

Way to stay positive buddy. Just make sure you read the entire article over at Daily Gaming so that you get all the facts. Since the event, both have stopped playing WoW and have moved on to other things – such as lives.

Dude’s Cyber Girlfriend Actually a Dude [Daily Gaming]