The Efficient Crank Call Tool

We heard about a new “startup” yesterday. You type in a phone number and tell it how many times you would like the service to call it. The service will then call the phone that number of times.

We’re not going to say the name of it, or link to it, because it has no practical use and can be used to crank call people incessantly. The entrepreneur argues that it is useful for people trying to find a lost phone. We say, use another phone to call the lost one. Instead, he’s created a fifteen year old’s perfect crank call tool – set it to nine repeat calls, the maximum, and let it rip at 3 in the morning.

We tested it. It works. And it’s stupid.

But there’s a point here. People complain that we don’t cover enough startups here on TechCrunch, and that more (or all) that submit profiles deserved to be covered. Most aren’t anywhere near as idiotic as this service, but applying a filter does have a purpose. We see stuff like this every day, and just this once we thought we’d share one of them with you.