Have Fun Wiretapping Enemies and Loved Ones with 2ReCall

2recalllogo.pngNew York based call recording company 2ReCall just recently launched their initial call recording product last week. The new service lets you record any US domestic outgoing call by first dialing into an 800 number and then number you want to call. The old fashioned way of recording calls consisted of Spy-vs-Spy type tape recorders and suction mics. VOIP changed that a bit, making it dead simple to grab the conversation as it passes through your phone client, although it leaves you chained to the desk. 2ReCall’s 800 number means you can record an outgoing call on any phone. Over the coming year the service will be able to record inbound calls as well, with the ultimate goal being a completely seamless solution that records all calls on the number.

When calls are recorded, they are stored on your online 2ReCall account in .wav or .mp3 format where you can download, review, and annotate them. Although the service works by 800 number, you must first buy a 500MB storage account for $4.95/month and pay 20 cents a minute or a 1GB account for $9.95/month and pay 15 cents a minute to use it.

Currently call recording is a rats nest of legal issues, with 38 states only needing one party’s permission and the other twelve needing both parties’ consent before recording a call. It gets complicated when calling between states. They cover the legal issues deeper in their FAQ.

While the service is geared to anyone needing to frequently record their calls (journalists, professionals, conference calls), the founders have already used the service to catch one stonewalling architect. The architect, who was reviewing plans for one of the founder’s developments, said he wouldn’t let him build a house on their property regardless of whether they met the development guidelines or not. Armed with the tape of their conversation, the reviewing architect backed down and settled the matter out of court.