Toshiba Ready To Fight Back In The HD Format Wars

Toshiba isn’t too happy about Sony claiming victory in the HD format wars. Deputy General Manager of HD DVD at Toshiba, Olivier Van Wynendaele, has stated the claims made by Blu-Ray backers are “propaganda”. Wynendaele has picked apart each claim and makes a sound argument for each point.

The Blu-Ray Disc Association stated last week that their format was outselling HD 3:1 in the US. Wynendaele argues that PS3 owners are to blame for this and it’s not because they’re purchasing discs. They’re simply redeeming vouchers for free Blu-Ray discs from Sony. He also states that Toshiba has sold 200,000 HD DVD players in the US compared to the 30,000 Blu-Ray players that have been sold. Wynendaele believes PS3 sales shouldn’t be counted in the tally because there is no guarantee that they are purchasing Blu-Ray discs for themselves or that they’re even going to watch Blu-Ray discs at all. In all fairness, neither format can claim victory because HD players don’t have enough market share, less than 1%, and Wynendaele agrees.

What about the price cuts and cheaper Blu-Ray players expected to show up by the end of the year from Sony? Toshiba seems to have an answer for this as well. They’re taking a page from Wal-Mart’s playbook and plan to undercut Sony at all costs. Maybe the war isn’t over yet.

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