Mio C320, C520 and C520T Widescreen GPS Units

Mio makes, like, a lot of GPS devices of various shapes and sizes and just showed off three hot little numbers at CeBIT. There’s the C320, C520 and C520T, all of which have a 4.3-inch widescreen, touchscreen display and the latest Tele Atlas maps. Awesome. Mio’s also quite proud of its new split screen interface, which supposedly helps show more information on the screen than ever before. The C520 and C520T distinguish themselves from the C320 by including Bluetooth; the “T” in C520T stands for Traffic Message Channel, which, as you might guess, provides real time traffic info to drivers.

All three of these GPS devices will be available in April, with the high end C520T costing nearly $600. Yikes. Hope the C520T also comes with a golden ostrich egg.

Mio via Ubergizmo