LG To Host National Texting Championship

File this one under…awesome, I suppose.

Turns out LG is hosting the world’s greatest sporting event. No, not the Super Bowl, but the National Texting Championship! Yes, this is THE premier event where all the best text messengers get together to see who can text the fastest. Those of you with a lot of free time on your hands and no girlfriend can apply for the semifinals in NYC and Hollywood, which take place March 31st. Whoever wins that nabs $10,000 and a trip to NYC for the finals where the winner will receive $25,000. Keep in mind this is national and not world-based. Otherwise we’d all have our asses handed to us by that Korean kid.

Dorky, but $10k and $25k prizes for texting? I’m just about ready to sign up for this. The event hasn’t specified if contestants will be using T9 or not, but I bet you can guess who’s donating phones for the event…

LG Hosts World Texting Championships. Professional Athletes Everywhere Shudder. [BGR]