SNOCAP Announces Alliances with Major Labels

snocap.jpg Back in September we reported that MySpace had begun allowing artists to sell music directly using SNOCAP MyStores. The service utilizes MP3s without DRM of any kind. Due to the DRM-free format, was unclear at the time whether or not MySpace and SNOCAP would strike a deal with any major labels, as they typically prefer to keep their tracks closer to the chest.

All of that changed today, however, with a major announcement from SNOCAP out of SXSW. The company revealed today that it would now be offering tracks from major indie labels like Sub Pop, New Line and Dangerbird. While this seems innocuous enough at first glance, I should point out that all of these labels operate under the Warner umbrella, making the announcement far more savory.

Perhaps I’m being overeager in my assessment, but I envision this as a key break in the DRM-dam. A vast army of listeners get their music from MySpace and I’m certain that, with it offering DRM-free copies of popular musicians, this number will grow exponentially. I’m confident that we’ll begin seeing far more announcements from major labels in the very near future.