GrandCentral: Replace Your Many Phone Numbers With Just One

GrandCentral aims to solve the problem of having too many phone numbers. You’ve got your home phone number, the cell, the office, the other cell, etc. Surely this is madness, right? GrandCentral, which is in the final stages of beta testing, replaces all those phone numbers with a single, unified one. (The New York Times’ David Pogue calls it a “uninumber.” Genius.) So instead of your friends trying to reach you at any one of your half dozen numbers, they just have to call your GC number. When they call the uninumber, all of the phones that you registered to your GC account ring.

It doesn’t end there. GrandCentral provides unified voice mail, so all those missed calles—be they on your home or cellphone—are sent to a single voice mail. The service is free if you only have two numbers that you need to consolidate; the prices increases to $15 per month past that. Pretty cool, but I like being able to miss calls all the time. It lets me shirk my many responsibilities.

One Number That Will Ring All Your Phones [New York Times]