Microsoft Launching Games For Windows Live, Halo 2 May 8th

Though Vista is great and all and quite the improvement over XP, it still has a lot of issues with certain programs and hardware. Hence why Microsoft is taking awhile to roll out its Games For Windows Live service. Luckily, the time is almost upon us. Microsoft will be releasing Games For Windows Live for Vista owners come May 8th. The service will allow gamers to easily play against each other on certain games. Plus with the ability to hook up a 360 controller to Vista, plenty of people are going to be giving it a whirl.

And that’s not all. Halo 2 comes out the same day, allowing tons of 14 year olds to call each other “Gay” and “Lame” regardless if they’re playing on an Xbox or a PC. Either way, cross-platform gaming actually looks like it has a shot for once. Kudos to you Microsoft for doing something awesome with the gaming world.

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