Hitachi and LG's GGW-H10N: First PC Drive That Reads Both Blu-ray and HD DVD

Hitachi and LG join forces to bring us the GGW-H10N, the world’s first! PC drive that can read both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. (Who could forget the first player that could read both Blu-ray and HD DVD, the Super Mulit Blue Mega FunTime Happy Player that LG unveiled at CES in Janurary?) It can read and write CDs, single layer DVDs and Blu-ray discs, filling up an entire, single layer Blu-ray disc in 24 minutes or so.

Hitach and LG will make the GGW-H10N available to OEMs, its partners, etc. this May. (They don’t sell directly to consumers, you see.) It’s expected to go for around $1,200 to OEMs… who knows how much you’ll actually end up paying for this SATA wunderdrive.

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