Blingplayer Lets You Show Off Your Inner Crunk

Oh boy. It was only a matter of time before every gadget on earth got blingified. The latest casualty is MediaReady’s new Blingplayer (normally spelled with all caps), a “fashion” music player that comes with a 1.8-inch display, video playback, MP3 and WAV playback, voice recording capabilities, and an FM tuner. But what about the bling? I’m glad you asked.

Each device features studded crystals (probably not Swarovski) in a unique design and it hangs from your neck from a chain with “dogtags”. Needless to say, you’re either all for this player or it makes you want to gag on your own vomit. However you feel, a 2GB version will set you back $199 in April if you should desire to pick one up. Let us know how it works on the ladies, pimps.

MediaREADY’s BLINGPLAYER brings swagger to music [Electronista]