Intel's Quad-Core CPUs, Now With 60 Percet Less Power Consumption

Intel’s imagineers have developed two quad core CPUs that consume 35 to 60 percent less power than the quad-cores that are already on the market. The quad core CPUs that Intel previously released consume some 80 and 120 watts of power while the new guys consume just 50 watts. Yes, it’s technical mumbo jumbo, but it could eventually mean a lot for consumers.

Right now, these quad core CPUs are mainly for high end servers (read: not your ultra 1337 Linux box in the basement), but who’s to say that they won’t find their way into desktop machines soon? (Hell, we already saw leaks of eight-core Apple desktops.) Better yet, wait till these low power chips find their way into laptops. Combine them with a solid state hard drive and watch the battery keep going and going and going…

Intel Marks Energy-Efficient Milestone With 50-Watt, High-Performing Quad-Core Server Processors [Intel]